Products for sale

We have numerous products that we have for sale to our patients.

Biofreeze Ointment:  We have tubes, roll-on and spray

Cryoderm Ointment:  We have the roll on
(this is a cool soothing ointment)

Thermoderm Ointment:  We have the roll on
(this is a warming ointment)

Pillows available:  We have Pillow pedic, tempurpedic pillows and lower back pillows 

 Bed Boss: I can order any bed boss bed for you. 
We also sell a fantastic lotion that is not greasy called Tates Conditioner.  We also have the Tates shampoo.  The Conditioner has many uses.    Great Product!

Home Electric Stim Units
.  We have the reusable pads as well. 

Vibratory Massage Units: 

Silver Biotics:  Liquid  and Tube ointment 

Life Extension Supplements available

If there are any other products that you may need we can usually get it!  Just ask us.
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