Therapeutic modalities

We have more to offer you during your treatment with us.

Interferential Electrical Stimulation:  This is an electrical current that is used for pain and spasms.  This feels like a light sensation on the skin.   It can contract the muscle as well to help break the muscle spasms that may be present. 

Hydrotherapy:  This is what we refer to as the "Water Table".  This table will spoil you and is like a jacuzzi water bed.  It is heated as well and a very relaxing treatment.

Intersegmental Traction:  This is used for those that are still and need more mobility to the spine.  This rolls up and down the spine and stretches as it passes.  This is adjustable to you.

Cervical Traction:  We have a mild cervical traction that pumps up to give a slight pull on the neck. 

Vibratory Massage:  This is a great massager that is used to relax the patient.  It also has some attachments for some deeper trigger point massage if needed.

Orthotics:  We have been using Foot Levelers orthotics for years.  I scan the foot and get the proper casting of your foot.  You can see the three arches in the foot to see if they are causing any biomechanical foot imbalances.  This can affect your spine and even those unexplainable knee and hip pains.  We have orthotics to fit almost all of your needs.
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